Whales are beaching themselves EVERYWHERE!

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Whales are beaching themselves EVERYWHERE!

Post by CONSPIRACY on Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:44 pm

In the uk the 7th Whale has beached itself in a fortnight, It is EXTREMELY rare for the UK to get any beachings let alone 7 and all on the same coastline.

Not to mention the 337 ones in Chile and the hundreds more around the globe in the last month.

Surely somethign HAS to be going on, I have read that people think its linked to fukushima which i cant really believe because it wont explain why they are beaching right now and in the UK on one shoreline. Other peple suspect Sonar devices from the Navy etc, This is possible but still... doesnt really explain it globally.

The whales have no disease or anything that could answer it.

What are your thoughts?

Personally i think they can sense things we cannot, Could be Earthquake on a global scale, Temps in the ocean, Electromagnetic activity, I dont know... Its sad though and worrying.


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